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Kellison X300GT

Jim Kellisson built less than 500 of these bodies, and many fewer body and frame kits, and even fewer turn-key X300GTs. This body is one of the survivors. Read on...


1964 Kellison X300GT

One piece fiberglass shot "chopper-gun" style. The complete body kit includes the outer body with hood, floor, firewall, dash, doors and eggshell seats weighs in at about 300lbs. Doors were hung and swung and are made with integrated inner skins. I added an aluminium firewall and rear deck. The parts list specs a 52 Studabaker windshield and 49 Olds rear window. I used Clear One Speed Glass (Lexan). The turn-key kit included rollup windows and a complete interior.
Actual production numbers are unknown as most of Kellisons documents were burned in a fire in the late sixties. After much research, my guess puts the X300GT somewhere between 350 and 500 built. Read the full Kellison story at and


383ci Small Block Chevy

The engine compartment is designed to handle just about any size engine. The bottom end - I started with 1-piece rear main 350 block, bored .030, rods floated, stroker clearenced, Scat 3.75 stroke crank, Speed Pro flat tops, 7qt oil pan, and a B&M oil cooler. The top end - Summit aluminum 64cc heads, Summit CT101K cam and solid lifters, Lunati springs, Summit aluminum roller rockers, Weiand HI-Ram tunnel ram w/dual Holley 450 manual secondarys and 50cc pumps. Ignition by MSD, Pro-Billit mechanical distributor, 6AL box, Blaster 2 coil, 2-step chatter box. Fab exhaust, full length sprint style headers, 3" Summit straight glass packs with "auger" inserts.


Fabricated to original Plan-Pak specs, almost...

There are a few stock frames that this body will bolt to. Early Corvettes were most common. The Kellison Plan-Pak included blueprints with dimensions to build your own frame and use a Vette front end. I built the frame to original plan specs. One 40' lenght of 4"x3" steel tubing, Chevy Gen2 Camaro front clip narrowed about 4", tubular control arms, G-Force springs, a '70 Chevelle 10 bolt 3.42 posi hanging on '85 Ford Ranger rear leaf springs. Interesting note here is the frame rails route under the rear axle (see pic above). The TH-350 tranny is hooked up to a Boss Hog 3200 stall cconverter and B&M Star shifter. Fabricated drive shaft is about 12" long. Stock brakes with a Line Lock.