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1939 Oldsmobile Rat Rod

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1939 Olsmobile Rat Rod

I cannot take credit for the incredible amount of work someone did before it got thrown to the dogs. It was done long before it was stored, guessing sometime in the 70's the first time. It came with the original interior window trim that shows just how much work was done, but never finished. Chopped a full 6" and the roof shortened about 8" at the rear window. Inside you can see how many filets were welded in place to pull this off. Still has some of the original wood tack strip and headliner support bars. Roof is capped with '70ish model van roof metal. Tail lights frenched. Front fenders are welded together at the seams (2-piece). Hood has been "pizza'd". Added a slice to widen the front 12" for radiator and front tire clearance. Summit buggy seats that rotate inside. 


383 Small Block Chevy

This pic shows how i got it. I did a super cheap rebuild on this 350 and still have it in storage. A couple of the bellhousing bolt holes have been severly abused, so I built a fresh stroker. Standard SBC build.1-piece rear main 350 block, bored .030, rods floated, stroker clearenced, Blueprint 3.75 stroke crank, KB .150 dome pistons. The top end - Chevy '882' iron heads, Lunati Bootlegger cam and lifters, Lunati springs, Weiand Street Warrior intake w/Edlebrock 650. Stock HEI ignition. Fab exhaust, block-hugger headers into a single cherry bomb (2 in - 2 out) exits left fender just behind the wheel. TH-350 tranny with homade 12" Crescent wrench shifter. 


This was the fun part...

The front clip appears to be gen 2 camaro, but i am not positive. The fun part was rigging the donor Kenworth airbags on fabricated trailing arms. The main rails and Kellison inspired "X" frame is 4" x 3" steel tubing. Rear is 3:08 posi from a '79 T/A. Onboard compressor and Kenworth leveling valve keep the air bags right. Recent mods include more big truck parts. We decided it might be cool to see a set of Super Single truck tires on the back. So we fabbed up an adapter, a 14" diameter by 3/4" thick steel disk with 5 of the 10 bolt pattern for the big rig wheels, and the 5 bolt Chevy pattern, both patterns are hub-centric. It really came out much better than we thought it would. After adding truck springs up front and doing a little front end "tweaking", this thing cruises nicely. 3.08 gears and 445/50R22.5 tires might even bring the gas milage up.